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Baby Feeding – Lessons Learned!

After abandoning this site for a while due to other commitments, we’re back, and today we’re talking about baby feeding. I’ve brought my nephew on board to help with the site –  another nervous

Holidays with Toddlers: A Trip to Center Parcs (Review)

Before we had to start thinking about the practicalities of holidays with toddlers, my wife and I were already big fans of Center Parcs. In case you’re reading from outside Europe, Center Parcs is a

10 Ways Life Changes when you have a Baby

You hear lots of clichés when you have a baby on the way, ranging from “things will never be the same again,” to “your life’s over!” (The landlord of my local bar back in

10 Things to Take on Holidays with Toddlers

Holidays with toddlers; If ours are anything to go by, they offer a unique mix of some of the most memorable moments of your life, together with the creeping realisation that whether or not

Taking the Baby in the Car: Five Things we’ve Learned

Taking the baby in the car is supposed to be one parenting thing that’s not that challenging, at least once you’ve got your head around ISOFIX and how the baby seat works. In fact,

Christmas Gifts for Nervous New Dads and their Children

If you’re a new dad (or about to be one) it’s time to realise something very significant: Christmas is NOT all about you any more! You’re going to have to go a little easier

Need a Baby Monitor? There’s an App for that!

With our little (or not quite so little) Freddie now nearing six months old, we decided yesterday it was time to invest in a baby monitor. We’ve not really needed one up until now.

Product Review: Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

It’s fascinating watching the changing relationship infants have with their toys. For the first two or three months, not much captured Freddie’s interest, but then he quickly became fascinated by rattles and teething rings—essentially

Feeding the Ducks

As you will know if you read about Freddie’s lack of enthusiasm for Lisbon zoo, we are keen to get our new arrival out into the world to see things around him, but are

Nervous New Dads: Five Things that are not as Scary as you Think!

As a nervous new dad, plenty of things have kept me awake at night – both in the run up to the birth, and even now when my son is sleeping soundly in the cot
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